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Traverse City Occupational Therapy business Sprout Therapeutic Services is now accepting a limited number of new clients. The types of clients that are currently being served:

  • Children birth-10 and their families/caregivers/parents.
  • Parents that want to learn to play with their children in a developmentally beneficial way.
  • Children birth to three that are behind on developmental milestones and are experiencing delays in gross motor, fine motor, sensory issues, or just seem behind in some way. They may seem “clumsy” or “awkward.”
  • New parents that want tools to help improve their child’s developmental milestones.
  • Children that are currently receiving occupational therapy in their school that need additional support to improve homework, school performance, school-related difficulties, and self regulation.
  • Children with extra energy or low energy.
  • Children with Down Syndrome or may have Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Any child or family that wants to improve their lives!

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